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Female Founder in Focus Interview

Posted by Priyanka Beswal on

Female Founder in Focus Interview

May has definitely been a strange month with a global pandemic and lockdown turning pretty much everything upside down, but I'd be lying if I said that there weren't a few rainbows that came my way during these dark times! 

Thanks to the wonders of Instagram and social networking, I was lucky to cross virtual paths with Ankita Sodhia, a Bangkok-based Digital Marketing Consultant & Blogger. 

Ankita was kind enough to support local businesses like mine with her own creative strengths! A few messages later, we were on a zoom call sharing stories and experiences for her lovely "Female Founder in Focus Series", where she kindly offered to feature Ellybean! 

Despite the fact that I have never met Ankita, our zoom call was warm, friendly and long - it felt like two friends catching up and sharing freakishly similar experiences! Like me, Ankita too has a creative & marketing based background, and we both share a love for furballs and are both paw- parents!  

Below are some of my favourite snippets of the "Founder in Focus" article Ankita published.

The original article appeared on Ankita's blog here.


If you enjoyed reading this, pop over to the original article that Ankita shared here. 

Through her "Female Founder in Focus" series, Ankita aims to share stories and journeys of women, so that you are inspired to chase your dreams, work hard, and never give up. I share this same wonderful sentiment and I'm so grateful for opportunities like these! 




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